7th Regional Session of EYP PACA

7th Regional Session of EYP PACA

I am Andrej Zemtsovski (IB1), and I was a journalist in Marseille, France for the 7th Regional Session of EYP PACA. Now before I go on talking about my experiences from the session I would like to talk about what European Youth Parliament (EYP) is.

EYP is an independent educational project that aims to engage the youth of Europe in different issues concerning the European Union and the world and facilitates the learning of important professional and social skills, such as but not limited to public speaking, creative problem solving, cultural understanding, and debating. An EYP session consists of essentially three parts: teambuilding, committee work and General Assembly. There are usually 7-10 delegates per committee with one chairperson that guides the committee through different activities and make sure that the resolution is done on time.

I was a journalist at this session. Journalists document the whole sessions with photos and the sessions own newspaper called “Cap ou PACA?” which is a twist to the French idiom “cap ou pas cap?” It roughly translates to: “Do you have the courage to do it?” It fitted quite with what I was going to go through. I don’t know any French and the day before the departure I learned a couple of phrases like “I don’t understand French” and “Do you understand English?” They became very useful, as I was one of the few who didn’t speak French; nevertheless the people were kind enough to translate for me, whenever it was needed. During the session the press team managed to make three newspapers with 20 pages each in three days. I wrote articles about my committee’s topic on water sustainability, the presidential election in the US and several other relevant and thought-provoking issues. Besides writing and photographing, I helped out chairs with different energizing and icebreaker games. Time flew by fast and before I knew it I was sitting on the plane back home, reflecting on the session and with longing in my heart thinking of all the people I was going to miss.