Hong Kong

Hong Kong
Hong Kong

The trip really started in the weeks prior to the travelling to Hong Kong, by this we mean that the preparations for the presentation and the clothes we were bringing etc. We had 20 hour sequence of flights to Hong Kong, first to London Heathrow and from there to Hong Kong! We flew to Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific, who sponsored the GSC event! Arriving in Hong Kong we were greeted with the smiling faces of the PolyU representatives, who would accompany us on our journey back to the PolyU halls of residence. Things didn’t seem too different from what we were used to, although it was significantly hotter and more humid. After the shops our student ambassadors invited us to find somewhere to eat some authentic Cantonese food. The food was delicious and was served in a place we as tourists wouldn’t ever imagine going, down a quiet back street below the walkways of Hong Kong.
The very next morning, we realized that the climate in Hong Kong was not only very hot, but also very humid. We saw the Avenue of Stars, had dinner and walked through Hong Kong back to campus. The following evening we sat in the humid and hot common area of the residence to work on our presentation. We were all very nervous for the presentation the following day, and stayed up late to make sure that it would be as good as possible. The next morning it was time. We held the presentation, and when we were done, we felt very satisfied with our performance, we had done the best we could. Once the presentations were over, we talked to some of the judges outside, who were able to give us more valuable feedback, to add to what they had said during the allotted time for questions after the presentation. The judges had a lot of experience to offer, one man we talked to had experience working with venture capital, and he gave us insight into what we may need if we were to pitch our idea to such a panel.
There was a reception held, followed by a presentation by some of the competition’s judges, and the announcement of the finalists at both secondary and university level! Unfortunately, we weren’t amongst those nominated for the final. Hong Kong may have dampened our umbrellas, but this announcement didn’t dampen our spirits.
We were taking on a couple of faculty visits on the PolyU campus. During our visit to the business faculty, we were divided into teams with other GSC participants, and played a simulation game which involved making a number of paper aeroplanes to exact measurements and specifications. Each team signed a contract with their client before the game began, which decided how many planes they were to manufacture. If they did not meet the number in the contract, or some planes were faulty, the team would lose money. The winning team was led by General Manager Fraser Campbell, whose negotiation with the client was unmatched by the other teams.
The last night of our week in Hong Kong, it was time for the big gala dinner. The winners were presented this night too. We really enjoyed this event, as it was out last chance to spend time with all the wonderful people we had met at the GSC.
Our week in Hong Kong was over, and it was time for us to fly back to Sweden. The week had been amazing. We met people from all over the world, we learnt more than we could imagine and we got to explore Hong Kong.

/Fraser Campbell


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