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  • SaintMUN in Scotland

    10 October, 2016

    I am extremely lucky to have been able to take a part in such exciting debate, and am deeply...

    Malmö Borgarskola, IB
  • University visits

    16 September, 2016

    THANK YOU Keith Lights for visiting Borgarskolan yesterday and giving us loads of information about Yale. A big thanks...

    Malmö Borgarskola, IB
  • Education UK

    15 September, 2016

    Stuart and Lois, a big thank you for supporting our fantastic students. Your contribution and hard work of making our...

    Malmö Borgarskola, IB
  • University visits Autumn

    5 September, 2016

    Friday 16th September London School of Economics University College London Kings College London Imperial College London One representative from...

    Malmö Borgarskola, IB
  • Malmö Borgarskola Debate Society’s trip to Stockholm, KG Cup

    3 April, 2016

    We (Elias Lindvall, Tove Strömberg and Felicia Strandberg) participated in the KG Cup (a debate tournament) in Stockholm during...

    Malmö Borgarskola, IB
  • College Day Scandinavia

    16 March, 2016

    Over 30 colleges has vist visit us for the purpose of talking to our students and among them, Stanford University!...

    Malmö Borgarskola, IB
  • Iowa caucus

    5 February, 2016

    Iowa is a great place. A small, landlocked state, it borders (among many) Illinois to east and Minnesota to...

    Malmö Borgarskola, IB