Re-take information

  • We offer May exam re-takes for all candidates who have attended Malmö Borgarskola.
  • Candidates from other institutions may be registered for May re-takes if there are seats available, and only in subjects that we offer, but not in Extended Essay, ToK, or CAS.
  • All re-take candidates must complete the “Re-take Form” correctly.
  • Candidates who wish to apply to university must also complete the “B2 Form” upon registration.
  • Once registered, the candidate will be notified through email.
  • Contact us at for registration after Sep 18.


  • The deadline for re-take registration is the first Friday in November
  • If seats are available, the second registration deadline is December 15.
  • Malmö Borgarskola does not offer re-take registration after this date.

Fees (payable in cash only):

  • Fee for November 3 re-take registration:
    • For former Malmö Borgarskola candidates: 1100SEK + 800SEK per subject
    • For outside candidates: 1500SEK + 800SEK/subject
  • Fee for December 15 re-take registration:
    • For former MB candidate: 1500SEK + 800SEK per subject
    • For outside candidate 1900SEK + 800SEK/subject

 Note: There is no refund if a candidate decides to withdraw.