Your Time at Malmö Borgarskola

Name: Philip Ahlgren graduated: 2008 currently: In the final year of studies at Handelshögskolan in Stockholm, doing an exchange term in Hong Kong.

“By choosing the IB Programme at Malmö Borgarskola I also chose the international arena. Whether you want to do your undergraduate studies abroad, work abroad or maybe do an MBA abroad you have evidence of a quality high school education that is recognised worldwide. As a student at one of the world’s leading IB schools you get the absolute best teachers who aim for the best results together with their students. This unique relationship gives you as a student fantastic opportunities to meet the academic goals you need to get into top universities. My IB studies have helped get me to Handelshögskolan, studies in Hong Kong and a summer job in London.”

Name: Sofia Thorell graduated: 2008 currently: Studying Medicine at St Andrews University in Scotland

“I have great memories of my time at Malmö Borgarskola’s IB Programme. It’s a world class IB school that really helps you to succeed academically and pre- pare you for studies at the next level. Four years after graduating I still meet old friends from Borgar where the atmosphere and esprit de corps among the students really was something special. I’m at St Andrews now but I’ve also studied at Villanova University in Philidelphia, USA after getting a Wal- lenberg stipendium in 2008. All of this thanks to Malmö Borgarskola!”

Name: Sebastian Röiing graduated: 2011 currently: King’s College, Cambridge

“As both a Borgar and an IB student I can only say that this is the absolute best combination both in terms of education and having a great time at gymnasium. The IB programme gives you the skills you need for your studies later, and it certainly is cool that people all over the world know that the IB stands for high standards! Being encouraged to join in activities outside the classroom is an- other great advantage of Borgarskolan and here you have loads of chances to get involved in all sorts of activities.”

Name: Anja Cecilia Nilsson graduated: 2011 currently: Harvard University, Boston

“There is no question that Borgar, and the IB program, offer their students unparalleled avenues for academic success, from math and science Olympi- ads to international Model United Nations and European Youth Parliament sessions. That alone would convince me to apply to Borgar again if I had the chance. What I find more important though is that the IB program and the atmosphere of Borgarskolan leave you with a sense of independence and matu- rity in life outside of academics. The IB with time forces you to become more self-disciplined with your studies, to study for yourself (this sounds scary now, but all of us go through it!), which has been the best preparation possible for my studies at Harvard. Lastly, my friends and classmates in the IB with all their diverse interests, backgrounds and goals made me realize there are a million different paths you can take through life and I can’t wait to see them all again at Christmas! Most importantly though, I now don’t have to pay for a hotel when I travel to Canada, China, Singapore, England, Scotland or Denmark thanks to the IB.”