• IB put you ahead for the best universities

    10 October, 2011

    The IB Diploma Programme was marked 10/10 in a review of pre-university qualifications, by the Financial Times (May 10,...

    Malmö Borgarskola, IB
  • Why the bacc is the way forward

    5 October, 2011

    An interesting article from the Independent Two important boosts for schools offering the International Baccalaureate to sixth-form students have...

    Malmö Borgarskola, IB
  • Parents meeting

    16 September, 2011

    Dear Parents. Here is the PP presentation: http://www.malmoborgarskola.se/index.php?sid=5

    Malmö Borgarskola, IB
  • Malmö Borgarskola -The International School!

    13 September, 2011

    Welcome to Malmö Borgarskola. A new school year has begun and great challenges lie ahead. I am sure you...

    Malmö Borgarskola, IB
  • Grade Point Average

    20 April, 2011

      Here you see the last years grade point average. This year, our DP had the highest mean of...

    Malmö Borgarskola, IB
  • MUN Rome

    13 April, 2011

    When the delegation from Sweden arrived at the Rimun school for registration we were asked to “Say something”, eloquently...

    Malmö Borgarskola, IB
  • Malmö Borgarskola, IB
  • Matematikpilen

    21 March, 2011

    This Saturday, March 12th Lunds Matematiska sällskap arranged the math competition with the so clever name, Matematikπlen. It has...

    Malmö Borgarskola, IB
  • Miscellaneous

    22 February, 2011

    This week is sport break at school. But next week, it is time for the mock exams. IB2 will get...

    Malmö Borgarskola, IB
  • News Group 1

    14 February, 2011

    The literature course and the language and literature course are to be of equal value and assessed at the...

    Malmö Borgarskola, IB