The National school leadership training programme

The National school leadership training programme

I am back at school after three days in Båstad. I have participated in the programme for 1.5 year and has now completed the first half.

In order to fulfil my assignment, it is (of course) important that I as head have a good knowledge of my responsibilities as laid down in the Education Act, the Swedish curricula and regulations f ex within the IBO. I therefor have to manage the tasks to be fully familiar with both the general, as well as the specific conditions that provide the foundations for the DP to work well at our school in an international environment with Swedish and International students. All of them with different needs and dreams. Therefor, one challenge for me right now are the changes in the Swedish curricula (Gy-11) and to meet the requirements we have for PrIB/DP and organising the future development for the department.

In addition, next week I get the subject choices of the PrIB students. It will be very interesting to see what they have chosen!!!  Also, this week I have informed the Bilingual year 9 students at the Söderkulla about the the DP. Many of them were very interested and next week I’ll talk to the students at Sveaskolan.

Have a nice weekend!

Martin Roth