Why the bacc is the way forward

Why the bacc is the way forward

An interesting article from the Independent

Two important boosts for schools offering the International Baccalaureate to sixth-form students have come from university admissions tutors and one of the country’s largest private sector employers.

In a survey by ACS International Schools, university admissions’ tutors said while A-levels should not be phased out, the IB was the “best preparation for university”. In another fillip for students undertaking these studies, audit and consulting company Deloitte, which takes on more than 1,400 graduates and undergraduates in the UK each year, says the points system used by the IB makes it easier to differentiate between candidates…

Fifty-one admissions tutors contacted by ACS International said the IB is considered to provide the “best preparation to thrive at university” of the main sixth-form exam in the UK. Over one-third, 35 per cent, believe the IB provides the best preparation to thrive, compared to 18 per cent citing A-levels, and six per cent the new diploma…”Parents need to assess their child before choosing. Are they self-motivating? Can they manage their time? If so they will be suited to the IB diploma, which needs application and independent thought,” says Paul Clark, who runs the IB programme at Felsted School in Essex…

Head of Taunton School, John Newton agrees. “It’s more about attitude than aptitude”, he says. Taunton, echoes the view that the IB is for the “independently minded person who is disciplined about study”.

But the IB, with its insistence that studies relate to how other cultures learn and view things, is perfectly suited to the global future children will face, he says.