A report from EducationUK, Stuart and Lois

Students who wanted to apply to British universities and who included in their choices Oxford, Cambridge, medicine, veterinary medicine or dentistry had an application deadline of 15th October.

We are very pleased to say that we had 22 students, currently studying at Borgarskola, who applied this year. Then there were a number of ex-students who also applied.

There were probably a few more ex-students who did not come through our office. We guess that more than 35 students has applied to British universities (so far).

So, a big thanks to all our colleagues. 28 teacher references and about 150 estimated grades have been written and submitted on time. That’s a lot of work – well done!

Just a reminder. This is only about half of the total. The others have a deadline of 15th January but we are trying to encourage them to be finished before Christmas.

I must say: -Well done Stuart & Lois!