DP2 in Berlin

DP2 in Berlin

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Today started off bright and early with all students meeting 4:45 at Malmo central making our way to kastrup for our 7:05 flight to BERLIN!

After a short 1 hour flight – we were there! In the heart of German history, the great city of Berlin! After a few bus and tram rides, we quickly dropped our bags to make our way to our 1st tour of the trip about the Third Reich.

We met our lovely guide Maria at the Hautpbahnhof where she took us on a 4 hour intensive and information rich guide through central Berlin. We saw the old (well the 30% of it that remains) and the new and the monuments that have been placed to commemorate both bravery and to honor the many people lost through the city’s eventful history.

We saw anything and everything and at times nothing – but all that we saw made an impact on our expanding knowledge of the Third Reich and Hitler’s rule in Berlin.”

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