Today we went to Glasgow. The day started early in the morning with a typical and delicious English breakfast at the hotel before our bus-ride to Glasgow begun.

First stop was the University of Glasgow where we got a guided tour of the campus from a former student. We were lucky with the weather and got to enjoy it at it’s best. We really liked the architecture of the university and the place on campus with arches (bottom left picture). On top of the beautiful architecture, all the buildings included in the university were in very close proximity of one another and the university itself had a very friendly atmosphere.

After the visit we had free time to walk around the city and explore. Something that caught all of our attention was the statue with a cone on its head, which we later found out was because people kept putting a cone on its head and every time it got removed, someone would put it back on.

During the afternoon we split up into two groups: One going to Strathclyde University and the other to Glasgow School of Art. The favorite thing about Strathclyde according to the people that went, was the proximity to the center and all its research facilities. The favorite thing about Glasgow School of Art was all the workspace the students have and the atmosphere.

All in all we really enjoyed Glasgow and felt it was a fun city to be in! All the universities had fantastic facilities and Glasgow in general was an incredible city.

Tomorrow we’re going to St: Andrews and Aberdeen. Goodbye ’til then!

Natalija Glisovic