Day 3 of our Scotland trip started by enjoying breakfast at our hotel in Glasgow and then a 2 hour drive to our next destination: St: Andrews.

When we arrived at St: Andrews we got to explore the tiny city before our university tour started. We found out that the city was especially famous for golf and that Prince William met Kate here. We also found out that our tour guide David met his wife here, so I guess it’d only be fair to call St. Andrews the city of love. We started our walk by the coast and then walked along the main street in town which consisted of lots of charming stores. The high population of students and the romance of the city is what made the atmosphere there absolutely breathtaking.

Our tour was led by a graduate program student who showed us around and told us about all of the amazing traditions the university had. One of them being the foam-fight during first week of school where all students meet by the courtyard and play around in foam. I think all of us fell in love with the intimacy and all the traditions the school has and it was also very insight full to hear it all from an old student.

After our visit we got back on the bus and started our journey to the next city: Aberdeen. We spent the night in Aberdeen and then today we’re going to University of Aberdeen and then another bus trip to Dundee where we’ll also visit the University of Dundee. We’d also like to thank the amazing people at Univisits. Our driver Kenny (left) who’s always cheery and kind and our tour organizers David (right) and Yvonne (middle) for organizing this amazing trip and for always providing us with extra insight information that’s really helpful. Thank you!

Natalija Glisovic