Our fourth day in Scotland started with a guided tour at the University of Aberdeen. The tour guide was an old IB student who studies at the university so she had first-hand experience with the IB. We also had some students join us for a group picture, who were more than happy to pose with us (left). The library was newly built and had won prizes for its beautiful architecture, which we all loved.

She then showed us around campus and we also got to see inside one of the conference halls (left). They also had a large sports building which we all really liked because of all the different sports you could do, one being swimming in an olympic sized swimming pool (right). The visit ended with a free-lunch in the student cafeteria, which made it feel like we were students at the university.

After the visit we went back to the bus to transfer to Dundee and go to the University of Dundee where we also got a guided tour by both current and former students. The best thing about the university was the student union, which was voted best one in the UK. The accommodations were also very nice and located on the campus so it’s in the central part of campus.

After the visit we went to our hotel in Dundee. We all went out for dinner and explored the city. We got Nandos (as usual) and went around the school campus and saw what the students were up to at night, this gave us a good preview of the student life. We also saw a guy in a kilt playing the bagpipe. It was really cool to see true Scottish culture. Tomorrow is sadly our last day, see you then!

Natalija Glisovic