Madrid – day 2
After breakfast we headed for our next classes at TANDEM and at lunch time we ate paella with seafood at the same place as the day before. After that we walked all the way to Lavapies where we learned the basics of Flamenco.

When we finished the dance class at around 16:00 we could spend the rest of the day however we wanted to. Our free time was mainly spent by walking around the city and enjoying it.

Madrid – day 1
Or actually day 2. We landed in Madrid yesterday at 23:40 and took a bus directly to the hostel. Everyone was exhausted after the three hour long flight and immediately went to sleep. Everyone except the midnight snackers. We all snuck out to a local Spanish ”churrería” that had everything from pizza to cookies and churros.

When all tummies were satisfied, the midnight snackers also hit the hay. An early morning awaited us. After a delicious breakfast and a short walk we stood outside the doors of our school; Tandem. We were divided into two groups and headed for our classrooms. Today’s lessons were mainly focused on conversing and not grammar.

After class, we ate lunch and then we continued to the Reina Sofia Museum. There we saw several artworks by famous artists such as Picasso, Miró and Dalí. We especially focused on El Guernica. Our guide was very interesting and we learned a lot.

Later, we had free time. Some chose to stay at the museum and others went shopping. Finally, we met up at a restaurant and ate dinner together.

Before bedtime, some of us took a stroll around town and passed by Puerta de Sol and Plaza Mayor. We even found the absolute center of Spain!