Malmö Borgarskola Debate Society’s trip to Stockholm, KG Cup

Malmö Borgarskola Debate Society’s trip to Stockholm, KG Cup

We (Elias Lindvall, Tove Strömberg and Felicia Strandberg) participated in the KG Cup (a debate tournament) in Stockholm during the Easter break. While it was a great inspiration for debating, it also provided us with the opportunity to learn and expand our knowledge.

Day 1

The first day of the Cup started off by us taking an early train to Stockholm. We were all immensely excited for what we were to face in the debates during the two upcoming days. We arrived in Stockholm at 12 p.m., and we were expected to be at Kungsholmens Gymnasium three hours later. The time in-between was spent walking to the hotel, eating, and a tiny bit of relaxing.

Once the clock turned three, we headed off to Kungsholmens Gymnasium, where we met the organisers of the Cup, who gladly greeted us. We then received our own little private tour of the Gymnasium. The school’s size and amount of pupils were in line with that of Borgar’s.

Eventually, once all the teams had arrived, was there a workshop about the tournament’s format (WSDC). There was also a short social event after the workshop, in which we got to know some of the other debaters on a more personal level.

Day 2

The second day mainly consisted of an opening ceremony and three intense debates. All schools, along with their teams, were welcomed at the opening ceremony. The tournament was held in honour of one of the most dedicated individuals ever involved in Swedish debating; Ellinor Carlsson, who sadly passed away last December. While battling cancer, she showed an extreme amount of dedication and refusal to give up. An example of this is the fact that she took her IB exams from the hospital bed. Left in her memory is a scholarship awarded every year to the IB student at her old school whom, just like Ellinor, shows an extreme amount of determination and refusal to give up.

After the emotional opening ceremony, was the motion for the first debate presented. It said “THBT all state-funded schools should be vegetarian”. The other two motions that day were “THR pop-stars such as Taylor Swift, Beyonce etc. being feminist icons” and “THW impose a 100% inheritance tax”. Three very interesting motions.

Day 3

The third and final day of the Cup consisted of a fourth debate, the novice finals, and, of course, the real finals. The fourth motion was “THR the influence of fashion”.

Both the novice final and the “real” final were extremely interesting. The novice final consisted of two teams from Kungsholmens Gymnasium, and whose motion was “THBT with age, comes wisdom”. An extremely interesting debate which the opposition won. The real final, which was between Viktor Rydbergs Gymnasium Djursholm and Hvitfeldtska from Gothenburg. This debate’s motion was “THW accept high school applications based on lottery”, a debate which the proposition (VRG) won. Congratulations to both winners!

The whole tournament ended with a closing ceremony in which the winning teams were given their trophies, scholarships were awarded, and best speaker medals were given.

We would ultimately like to thank the school for this opportunity to improve our debating skills in terms of rhetoric and improvisation. We also encourage you all to join Malmö Borgarskola Debate Society. We have meetings on Mondays at 4:40 p.m. in B102. We hope to see you there!

Written by Elias Lindvall