University visits Autumn

University visits Autumn

Friday 16th September

London School of Economics

University College London

Kings College London

Imperial College London

One representative from each, coming as a group. 9:30 talk in ’skrivsalen’. After talk the students will have access to the representatives (each with their own little area) up till maximum 11:30.

14:00 visit from Aberdeen university. (Cannot come earlier because he is flying in from the Faroe islands.)

14:30 talk in ‘skrivsalen’ for about 30 minutes.

15:00 onwards – meet the representative especially for any student who could not leave classes to attend the talk.

Wednesday 28th September.

Visit from Oxford university. 15:30 talk in ‘aulan’. Individual questions afterwards.


University of British Columbia visit us on Friday 16th September

NYU Abu Dhabi visit us on Thursday 22th September