About Us

In 1994 Malmö Borgarskola started a new high school programme, which had not previously been administered here, the IB Diploma Programme. Now some twenty years later we have decided to apply as IB candidate school for the IB Career-related Programme, Business Administration in Hospitality Management (BAHM). This programme is based on the Swedish Business and Administration Programme (Handels- och Administrationsprogrammet). Malmö Borgarskola strives to provide a quality education with an international perspective. It is therefore exciting to announce our partnership with the Swiss Education Group, a relationship which will benefit our students and give them a broader view of the world.

Our vision is to help young people to grow into responsible and reflective individuals who seize opportunities and develop them to the full. We offer a full range of study programmes, many with an international dimension, in Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Business and Management, as well as the International Baccalaureate. Our students regularly participate worldwide at high levels. On the IB our well-educated and experienced staff, together with motivated students, combine to create an excellent environment for study and personal development. Why not take the opportunity to study an excellent international course that is well known throughout the world. We welcome applications from both within Sweden and internationally.
Martin Roth, Head Teacher

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