Rules of Conduct

1st Be on time for your lessons and appointments.
2nd Bring the material you need to class.
3rd Mobile phones must be switched off or set to silent during class.
4th With the exception of water, no drinking or eating during class.
5th You should be able to show that you are a student at the school – always have your ID card, provided by your school, with you.
6th Do not destroy equipment and facilities
7th Do not sit on the stairs in ways that impede the flow.
8th Use language that is polite and which would not offend someone else.
9th We have zero tolerance for violence and threats of violence.
10th No drugs are allowed within the school premises.

Do´s and dont’s
– Show consideration and respect each other.
– Use a friendly tone.
– Keep a subdued noise level in the school premises.
– Do not disturb work of others. Respect their right to work in peace.
– We help each other to keep the school clean and tidy.
– Set in order the classroom after each lesson.
– Do not have coats on during class.
– Respect your teacher´s decisions.
– Take responsibility for your actions.
– Honesty is the best.
– It can be hard to be alone. Make everyone feel welcome in our community.