Students Association

Malmö Borgarskola has a very active student body and several other student associations such as Malmö´s School Arts Association, MBEF, and Malmo Borgarskola Athletics, MBIF.

The Arts Association at Malmö Borgarskola is a nonprofit organization with 200 members. Within the association there are several active committees such as music, theater, dance and film committees and others. Each year we organise various concerts and events, but the two main projects are the Christmas theatre and the musical in the spring. In MBEF there is room for everyone.

The student body and all the student associations that exist at Malmo Borgarskola is an important reason why our students have a great time at our school! Ludwig, the former president and Sebastian, former president of MBIF (Malmo Borgarskola Athletics), agree that involvement in community and clubs means a lot:

“I have been the president for MBIF for nearly two years and I can hardly describe with words how much the association has meant for my schooling. I´ve been involved in organising various sporting tournaments between Malmö´s largest secondary schools on several occasions, which has been highly instructive and entertaining “says Sebastian. Ludwig agrees and says that he, thanks to the student body, got to know others in the school in no time at all. “It was actually quite nice when you came to know more and were able to greet people in the corridor.”

Ludwig adds: “When I first set foot in the school, I was filled with expectations. Now it was finally my turn to go gymnasium! I can definitely say I was nervous. Nervousness was not simply because it was a brand new school, new teachers and, for me, new city. What I was thinking a lot about was whether it would be difficult to meet new friends. It turned out that it was not at all difficult to get to know classmates and soon I found people with similar interests. ”

Sebastian notes that you do not have to be the next Zlatan to be involved in MBIF, it is enough that you think that sports are fun and entertaining! He says that MBIF is one of the oldest sports clubs and has for many years held various types of sporting events such as the annual Rugby Tournament and basketball and football games against different schools in Malmö and much, much more. The association also has a supporters club, Borgar Support, which stands for audience activity during various matches and tournaments.

There are many opportunities to join and form clubs and associations and it is you, the student, who sets the limits.