Admission 2020

Students in Sweden
You can apply to our school regardless of where you live. You apply through Gymnasieintagningen and in January they will send out information to all students in year 9 on how to apply.

Important dates:
1. Last day of application is February 15.
2. Mid April you will receive a preliminary decision on your application.
3. Last day to make changes to your application is the 15th May.
4. The final decision is made in the beginning of July.

Overseas students
You are invited to download, complete and mail us the application form.
Please, also include transcripts from your current school, copy of your passport and send the application to the address below. The application should ideally have reached us by February 1 for admission in August the same year.
After receipt of the application form you will be invited to sit entrance tests in Mathematics and English and additional subjects if you apply to DP1. These tests will take place in your current school.

Requirements for Pre-DP applicants:

– First year: Nine years of school (corresponding to the 9th Grade of Swedish Comprehensive School)
– Second Year: Completed education from the 10th Grade in international schools
– Good written and spoken English
– Passing test-results in Mathematics and English (and for DP1 additional subjects)
– Application preferably before February 15

Requirements for BAHM applicants:
– Nine years of school (corresponding to 9th Grade of Swedish Comprehensive School)
– Good written and spoken English
– Passing test results in Mathematics and English
– Interview

Please use the application form >