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Increased access to an IB education in a school means a more varied student population, but always a focus on international mindedness. Some students that enrol will be highly motivated but have not yet acquired the knowledge or skills that will help them to be successful in the CP. Guidance counsellors, teachers and the Coordinator should carefully monitor each student’s progress and intervene, as necessary, with strategies to increase the student’s success as the school year progresses.

In addition to course-specific knowledge, and reading and writing skills, students should receive instruction and ongoing support for developing study skills and improving time management . Teachers should have opportunities to learn more about strategies, such as scaffolding and the differentiation of instruction, as part of their professional development. They will be teaching the CP curriculum to a student body that is likely to include learners for whom the language of instruction is not their mother tongue, as well as students with learning support requirements.

Some students may perceive that they have a weakness in a course that is required for completion of the certificate. Opportunities outside the classroom to help students reinforce their skills and knowledge in specific courses, or in reading and writing, can help students to gain the confidence they need to be successful in the CP and to develop life-long learning.

Schools need to ensure that students and teachers have access to the information technology required to complete their CP coursework and/or assessments, and that they develop the knowledge to use it effectively.


A VOCATIONAL AND ACADEMIC PROGRAMME leading to an IB Certificate, the IB is offered at more than 2,450 schools worldwide and the Career-related programme at some 120 schools.

A RECOGNISED INDICATOR of professional and academic excellence, the IB Certificate is awarded after examinations in the third year. The final transcript will contain IB courses and IB Core, Swedish national courses and courses from SEG. This is highly regarded by hotels and university admissions officers worldwide.

ONE OF THE BIGGEST IB SCHOOLS IN SCANDINAVIA, Malmö Borgarskola has taught the IB since 1994, with outstanding results.

ONE OF THE WORLD’S BEST HOSPITALITY UNIVERSITIES, SEG, is partnering us in this programme.
Some parts of the course will be taught by teachers from SEG and all students will participate in a visit to SEG’s beautiful campus in Montreaux, Switzerland. There will also be scholarships for students to spend a longer period at SEG.

OUR WORLD CLASS RESULTS are due to our many years of experience and a combination of highly qualified teachers and strongly motivated students. Our staff members participate in regular professional development seminars organised by the International Baccalaureate Organisation and several have been appointed as examiners.

OUR THREE YEAR PROGRAMME is divided into a pre-IB year which is the equivalent of year 10 in international schools or year one in the Swedish gymnasium system followed by two IB Diploma years where class sizes are around 20.