• DP2 in Berlin

    18 September, 2015

    From the blog:  malmoborgarskolatravels > “Today started off bright and early with all students meeting 4:45 at Malmo central...

    Malmö Borgarskola, IB
  • Hong Kong

    2 September, 2015

    The trip really started in the weeks prior to the travelling to Hong Kong, by this we mean that...

    Malmö Borgarskola, IB
  • The first day of school

    11 June, 2015

    August 18 in the Assembly Hall (Entrance Regementsgatan 36) 10:30 Pre-DP & Social Science- and Business & Management Programme...

    Malmö Borgarskola, IB
  • Offers from UK universities 2015

    10 June, 2015

    Offers which Borgarskola students received from UK universities 2015. (N.B. Many students received more than one offer) University Number...

    Malmö Borgarskola, IB

    25 May, 2015

    Sweden’s first scholarship in the circular economy is here! The scholarship consists of a financial contribution and is distributed...

    Malmö Borgarskola, IB
  • US University Offers

    24 April, 2015

    Thanks to EducationUSA and the professional advisers at Malmö Borgarskola our students got the following incredible offers: Alexander Åkesson:...

    Malmö Borgarskola, IB
  • IB-DP students better prepared for university

    18 April, 2015

    Research examines college readiness of Diploma Programme alumni July 9, 2014, Washington, DC—A new research study conducted by Dr....

    Malmö Borgarskola, IB
  • 7th Regional Session of EYP PACA

    11 December, 2012

    I am Andrej Zemtsovski (IB1), and I was a journalist in Marseille, France for the 7th Regional Session of...

    Malmö Borgarskola, IB
  • Only at Malmö Borgarskola

    6 November, 2012

    HEADS UP! A unique opportunity to interact with more than 150 accredited U.S. colleges and universities: EducationUSA International Virtual...

    Malmö Borgarskola, IB
  • IB Theatre Trip to London with ISTA

    27 October, 2012

    It was an amazing and intense theatrical experience. It was inspirational working with other IB theatre students from all...

    Malmö Borgarskola, IB