• News Group 1

    14 February, 2011

    The literature course and the language and literature course are to be of equal value and assessed at the...

    Malmö Borgarskola, IB
  • European Youth Parliament’s National Session

    9 February, 2011

    During three hectic days, the 4th-6th February, five students (Alicia Lindkvist, Arvin Behshad, Maximilian Richter, Jenny Olsson and Wilhelm...

    Malmö Borgarskola, IB
  • China, here we come!

    7 February, 2011

    We have marketed the DP in China and in Denmark / Copenhagen. We have been in contact with the...

    Malmö Borgarskola, IB
  • Sir Ken Robbinson: Do schools kill creativity?

    27 January, 2011

    The following movie clip gives me a number of interesting thoughts on future education. In many ways, it also...

    Malmö Borgarskola, IB
  • The National school leadership training programme

    21 January, 2011

    I am back at school after three days in Båstad. I have participated in the programme for 1.5 year...

    Malmö Borgarskola, IB
  • Hello world!

    30 December, 2010

    Welcome to the IB blog at Malmö Borgarskola. This is my first post. I hope you have an interest of following what...

    Malmö Borgarskola, IB