Skilled Thinkers

By 2014 more than 1 million International Baccalaureate students will have participated in the IB Diploma Programme, and more than 120,000 Diploma Programme students will be entering university each year.

The IB Diploma Programme is exceptionally strong in the areas of key cogni- tive strategies, problem solving, critical thinking, analysis, research and writing skills. Through the IB curriculum IB students develop the ability to interpret, analyse, think critically and present arguments. They learn to question and re- flect on what they know. They also learn to research, write and present what they have learned.
The IB assessment tasks evaluate students’ ability to think and process what they know rather than to simply memorise facts.

Recent studies confirm that IB students perform well and have significantly higher grade point averages and higher graduation rates than students who did not complete the IB Diploma Programme. Scores on IB assessments are a significant predictor of performance at university.

Universities around the world say IB students are ‘well prepared’ In a survey of 150 university faculty and admissions staff from the UK, the IB Diploma Programme was rated higher than other qualifications based on the breadth of the curriculum, development of critical thinking, time-management and communication skills, and motivation of the students.
– 97% were satisfied the Diploma Programme prepares students for university.
– 96% favoured a broad curriculum of the type IB offers.

Why do universities value IB-DP students?
– IB students are prepared for academic success.
– IB students are more likely than others to enroll in an dgraduate from selective higher education institutions.
– Based on their experiences,IB students possess a broader rangeof skills that enhance their ability to adapt and contribute to university life.
– IB students demonstrate a level of emotional and intellectual maturity for managing the demands of challenging coursework and make meaningful contributions.
– They have extensive experience in doing independent research and presentng what they have learned through presentations, papers and other projects. Theythinkcriticallyanddrawondiverseperspectivesthatreflectaninternational outlook.
– Participation in the IB Diploma Programme shows that students have excelled in multiple and diverse academic challenges and is a strong predictor for success in university.

“Diploma Programme students are well-rounded, multifaceted, multi- skilled and have studied in depth. They have good time-management skills. They score higher than students in other national systems, and the IB score is worldwide the same measure.”
Hrilina Lock, undergraduate admissions manager,
London school of Economics, UK

“IB is well known to us as excellent preparation. Success in an IB pro- gramme correlates well with success at Harvard. We are pleased to see the credential of the IB Diploma Programme on the transcript.”
Marlyn McGrath Lewis, assistant dean of admissions,
Harvard University, USA