The Core Elements: EE, ToK & CAS

The Extended Essay and the Theory of Knowledge Essay may give a student 3 bonus points and therefore the maximum score is 45 points.
Extended Essay (EE) is an essay of 4000 words in an IB subject of your choice, providing an excellent opportunity to undertake original research and learn more about a topic of special interest to you. The essay is assessed by an external

Extended Essay 2013

Extended essay referencing 2016

Academic honesty in the DP-2

Citing and references

Theory of Knowledge (TOK ) is a subject which aims to train your critical thinking. Issues from the fields of Logic, Ethics and Philosophy are discussed. TOK is graded in the form of an essay that is submitted and externally assessed and an internally assessed oral presentation.

Creativity, Action and Service (CAS ) aims to let you experience the importance of life outside school. Creativity and Action should play an equal part with Service in the CAS programme. CAS should challenge you and help
you develop a spirit of discovery and self-reliance as well as encouraging new skills and interests and a sense of responsibility towards all members of the community.